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Ep1. Micheal Waitze, Asia Tech Podcast

03 Jan 2018

Ep 1. Micheal Waitze, Asia Tech Podcast

What it’s about
In the very first episode of eFM’s South-East Asian Business Podcast with Dana Blouin, we
sit down with Asia Tech Podcast co-founder, Michael Waitze for an immersive discussion
into the world of ICOs, bitcoin, and the future of blockchain. Started as a single podcast
by Graham D Brown in 2017, Asia Tech Podcast is now a network of individual podcast
shows distributed on iTunes. To date, they have published 240 episodes, and their goal is
to build a platform to help Asia's leading experts and influencers tell the story of why Asia

Key Takeaways
Michael is confident that Asia’s economy is now shifting in such way that most entrepreneurs
are now actually trying to build successful business models instead of a utilising a hit and
miss approach. He also stresses that you can never be certain of what you have built because
of the turbulent nature of venture businesses.

Fun Fact
The Asia Tech Podcast grew from hosting a handful of episodes a month to dozens a day in
just two years.

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