He Says She Says,

Ep1. He Says She Says : The Naznee Edition

12 Dec 2017

Ep 1. The Naznee Edition

This podcast would reveal the entrepreneurial journey of this husband and wife, Sheanee Lee and Nazrudin Habibur Rahman or known as Naz. Both of them who are the proud owner of Blokke Café, Blokke Shop and Blokke Classes, will share their interesting story and their insights in doing business which initially was just a mere hobby but bloomed into a successful venture.

In the first episode, Sheanee and Naz will share their interesting stories when they first started the business which was sparked from a mere idea. They will also tell their personal journey not only as husband and wife, but also as business partners. Who wears the pants? Sheanee or Naz?

Sheahnee Lee was a former television presenter while Nazrudin Habibur Rahman is a host and still active hosting various TV programmes. Both of them do not believe in taking the conventional F&B route and decided to instil their creativity by making their hobby as their business!




Coming soon: 01 Jan 1970

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