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Ep98. Miguel Perez, Ayannah

30 May 2018

Ep 98. Miguel Perez, CEO, Ayannah

In this Episode of SEA Busines Podcast, meet Miguel “Mikko” Perez, Chairman and CEO of Ayannah. Mikko, formerly an investment banker, recognized the need to better address the massive numbers of Philippinos working around the globe and sending money back – not only to urban areas and banks, but also to rural areas. The Philippines ranks #3 globally with remittances, making this a multi-billion dollar industry.

Learn how Ayannah is partnering with companies to help facilitate remitances, enabling millions of online and mobile transactions for millions of migrant, unbanked workers around the globe. Also, how they have been developing a credit score system for the unbanked/no credit customers who are paying bills with Kaya Credit.





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