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Ep96. Ruth Yu-Owen, PhilCarbon

28 May 2018

Ep 96. Ruth Yu-Owen, CEO, PhilCarbon: Green Energy, Clean Power

SEA Business host Dana Blouin sits down with Ruth Yu-Owen in Manila. Ruth is the President of PhilCarbon: Green Energy, Clean Power. With an accounting background and a background in Shipping, Ruth ventured into renewable energy. With the cost of electricity so high, an a large population in the Philippines, using more energies such as Solar Power makes sense. Already, the Philippines is 2nd to USA with Geo-Termal production. Listen as Ruth talks about renewable energy efficiency projects PhilCarbon has been conceptualizing and developing in the biomass, wind, hydropower, solar and geothermal sectors.


Reference link mentioned in the interview: Organocycler, Dr. Suresh efm.live/episodes/ep92-dr-suresh-organocycler




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