Top 3 with Serena C,

Ep9. Top 3 Interesting Facts about Age and Entrepreneurship

23 Jan 2019

Ep 9. Top 3 Interesting Facts about Age and Entrepreneurship

This Top 3 episode features Serena sharing the top 3 interesting facts about entrepreneurs and their age. While the media shines their spotlight on young and upcoming success stories of a youthful founder and lean team, Serena C dives into whether the correlation of age and entrepreneurship is gospel in this episode of Top 3 with Serena C.

Key Takeaways

Do you have to be young to be a successful entrepreneur of a unicorn tech start-up like Mark Zuckerberg, Pavel Durov and Daniel Ek? What is the average age of successful entrepreneurs around the globe and is age a significant contributor to their success? In this podcast, Serena talks about the common denominator in the number of age years and their successful founders; is age but only a number after all?

Fun Fact

Both the founders of McDonalds and KFC franchises, Ray Kroc and Harland Sanders were in their golden years when they hit success with their fast food chains!




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