Ep9. Shifting the Landscape with Aeronerve’s Terrabina

01 Jul 2019

Ep 9. Shifting the Landscape with Aeronerve’s Terrabina

In this episode, Muslim bin Abdullah Zahid from Aeronerve speaks to eFM on his special product, Terrabina, a Digital Construction Monitoring Progress Report system that utilises DroneTech.

Key Takeaways

As manager of a DroneTech startup, Muslim shares his jouney from a keen Mechatronics engineering student during the search operations of MH370 using Unmanned Systems Technology to being a dronetrepreneur. He divulges the system that Aeronerve utilises to aid construction process from pre-construction phase to the post-construction and maintenance phase.

Fun Fact

Terrabina comes from the Latin word “terra” which means Earth and the word “bina” which stands for “to build”.



Coming soon: 01 Jan 1970

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