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Ep9. Sandra Yap – Z Coin

30 Oct 2018

Ep 9. Sandra Yap – Z Coin

This episode features insights from the Director of Partnerships and Media of ZCoins, Sandra Yap, on digital cryptocurrency and its privacy. As the future is looking forward towards money that is digitized, decentralized and private, Sandra Yap discusses about the company she represents, ZCoins, and its relevance in the blockchain industry.

Key Take Away

Sandra Yap, current Director of Partnership and Media of ZCoins, a digital crytocurrency company, explains about privacy coins and the technical side of blockchain technology. In addition to that, she also talks about the importance of financial privacy on the blockchain system, the functions of zero-knowledge proof and also some input on how proof of work and proof of stake works in this industry.

Fun Fact

Sandra is also the founder of FOMOMEDIA.IO, a channel breaking down all about blockchain and cryptocurrency for mass consumption!




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