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Ep9. Issues & Opportunities in Cross Border e-Commerce

13 Dec 2018

Ep 9. Issues & Opportunities in Cross Border e-Commerce

This episode brings forth knowledge on the digital free trade zone and experiences shared by the panellist on cross border e-commerce. The panellist speaks about their success stories and how they sustain in an industry full of competition.

Key Take Away

In this episode, the panellist emphasizes on issues faced by SME in cross border e-commerce and how digital free trade zone gives an aid to it. Mr Francis of Megix Industries shares about his journey and steps he took to reach the top rank. The panellist also discuss B2B business and how the company’s they represent help SME to move forward and grow in their business. Furthermore, they also predicted what is in store for the future of SME based on the constant changes.

Fun Fact

The DFTZ is the world’s first special trade zone that will promote the growth of e-commerce.





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