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Ep9. Cowboy Food Truck

03 Jul 2018

Ep 9. Cowboy Food Truck

In this episode, Razif sits down with the founder of Cowboys Food Truck, Ku Azharul Nizar to discuss the specific restraints and rewards in venturing into a niche within the F&B industry with food trucks. His food truck specialises in the American Barbeque style fastfood with specialties such as the Chuck Norris platter, brisket and wings and were among the first food trucks pioneers in the Klang Valley.

Key Takeaways

It is a common misconception that food trucks are easier to run than conventional restaurants and Ku Azharul shares with us on the unique challenges faced by food trucks such as the weather, flexible location that can turn against his favour as well as cooking without a central kitchen. Factors such as geographic legality of operating in a location as well as cooking in a fixed batch volume to retain the exact flavours play an important role in whether a food truck make or break it. Building a team to operate efficiently is also a much bigger challenge in the foodtruck industry than in a conventional restaurant where the staff can be much bigger. As the Cowboys Food Truck operates lean, it brings the whole F&B game to a whole new level with its entrepreneurship journey.

Fun Fact

Ku Azharul hailed from an industry that is worlds apart from the F&B; the aviation industry! His love for barbeque and Dallas style barbeque wings has been the driving factor in bringing the magic of Cowboys Food Truck to the Klang Valley.




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