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Ep8. Various Solutions for SME

09 Dec 2018

Ep 8. Various Solutions for SME

The CEO of PanPage Trinity, Christopher Ng, explains about SME and the various solutions that can be taken by entrepreneurs to grow their small business. Based on the company’s experience of helping over 4,000 SME, Christopher Ng discusses about the reason behind a failed online business and how to successfully reach out to the targeted audience.

Key Takeaways

In this episode, Christopher Ng talks about the characteristics of the SME, successful ways to attract target market and the importance of understanding the current internet trends. He also speaks about the factors that cause the gap between audience and brands and how can a SME keep up to the constantly changing customer behaviour when it comes to online businesses. In addition to that, he shares on the ways PanPages Trinity is helping out the SME to grow by being their solution provider.

Fun Fact

SME can generate new types of jobs and contribute to a country’s employment growth.





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