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Ep8. Travarel

03 Jul 2018

Ep 8. Travarel

In this episode with Proficeo’s Dr Siva we talk to Ija Mohan from Travarel – a Travel Apparel Marketplace by 3ciety. The Travarel platform enables travellers to discover and buy authentic apparel designed by local artists inspired by their city & community. Anyone can select a design of their choosing or customize their own and Travarel will print and deliver the order on behalf of the artist. With zero upfront costs and the ease of setting up an apparel line and selling without having to worry about stock, manufacturing or fulfilment, Travarel is changing the Malaysian apparel industry for designers, buyers and collectors alike.

Key Takeaways

Ija discusses how keeping tabs on future trends and innovating to stay relevant is an essential part of scaling up, which he incorporates into his venture 3ciety, which lead to the launch of Travarel to focus on the underserved travel market. In the face of success, adversity is never too far away and Travarel is no stranger to challenges in entrepreneurship. As a pioneer in Malaysia for such a platform, Ija talks to us about the challenges of being a leader and the first to venture into the unknown of the field. Dr Siva and Ija also dig into how product/brand extensions, market segment extensions or innovating to stay relevant with existing customers can all be scaleup opportunities for a quick and smart entrepreneur.

Fun Fact

Traverel will be collaborating with leading local travel platforms to boost their ancillary revenue by enabling Asean travellers to transform their intangible holiday experiences into tangible personalised products that they can cherish for a lifetime.




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