Top 3 with Serena C,

Ep8. Top 3 Misconceptions About Entrepreneurship

11 Jan 2019

Ep 8. Top 3 Misconceptions About Entrepreneurship

This Top 3 episode features Serena sharing the top 3 misconceptions that are commonly associated with entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. Some of these include the unrealistic portrayal of entrepreneurs are people who act with gusto on a Eureka! moment. In addition to that, Serena also shares some tips to be a great entrepreneur and conquer your entrepreneurship journey with ease!

Key Takeaways

One of the biggest misconceptions that the public have of entrepreneurs is their eccentric and bold streak in gambling away all their savings for a business idea. Serena C breaks down the myth behind such an image of entrepreneurs by painting a more realistic picture of what it truly means to be an entrepreneur. Next is the Hollywood-esque view that entrepreneurship begins with a sudden spark of inspiration and a business is born out of such a poignant moment. Tune in as Serena shares how that is a wrong view on entrepreneurship and more in this Top 3 podcast.

Fun Fact

The number of startups today valued at USD1 billion is higher than during the Dot Com Bubble in 1990s!




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