True Complexion,

Ep8. Scars to her Beautiful

19 Apr 2019

Ep 8. Scars to her Beautiful

In this episode, True Complexion’s founder, Rozella Marie talks about her own journey becoming a local musician and how she managed to overcome her fears before starting up an online advocacy platform for true complexion.

Key Takeaways

Unlike typical students who go to school with their happy smiles plastered on their faces, Rozella had a hard time in school due to her unique birthmark on her beautiful face. She was deemed ‘different’ and ever since then she felt insecure with her appearance and shy away from the public. Her sweet escape for her dejected life was music and reading, where later she discovered her true passion in music. This proud Kota Kinabalu child speaks out on her phobia performing in front of people and how she encounter her fear through the years. Realizing she is not the only one who goes through difficult times because of her uniqueness, she established True Complexion, a platform in which she could help share other people’s inspirational stories, imparting encouraging words to people who are feeling the same way as she was did.

Fun Fact

Rozella started writing her own songs at the age of 6 to 7. Her first song was about a bad apple that ruined the whole bunch of apples.




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