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Ep8. My Plant Deli

22 Jun 2018

Ep 8. My Plant Deli

This episode introduces us to Naren Narasiah and his family business My Plant Deli, which produces and sells a wide variety of vegan products locally! What began as a personal family journey to eat and live in a healthier manner turned into a fulfilling supplementary income stream for Naren and his wife, Honey. All of My Plant Deli’s products are produced at home with only the best and healthiest of ingredients by Honey. Their specialty however lies in the customisable nature of their products where customers get to customise parts of the ingredients to best suit their dietary requirements.

Key Takeaways

Sharing that the vegan way of life is guided by the ethos of sustainability and continuity, Naren draws parallels to his business journey so far in Malaysia. The husband-wife duo believes that money is not the prime motivation for them, but rather what follows when their products are both of good quality and affordable. He also shares the principles behind My Plant Deli in its journey to maintain quality in the face of exponential business growth.

Fun Fact

All the products available are homemade personally by Honey and includes vegan brownies and baking mixes!




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