Women in Blockchain,

Ep8. Jasmine revolutionary road ahead of us

30 Oct 2018

Ep 8. Jasmine revolutionary road ahead of us

Women In Blockchain is a podcast series covering on the ongoings of Women In Blockchain Summit 2018 by NEM Malaysia. From the organisers, speakers as well as notable women leaders, this podcast highlights the summit and to shed insight into the future of blockchain as well as female inclusivity.

Key Takeaways

This recording features a speech from Jasmine Ng, the Director of Investments and Special Projects at NEM Foundation on the birth and wave of change that blockchain will bring into the world. Sharing anecdotes of her experience with the Great Recession of 2018 as well as democratic activism and how blockchain can be the breaker of wheels from the economic sector to politics, Jasmine’s speech on revolution of the world is not to be missed!

Fun Fact

Jasmine hails from a banking background where she saw how the lack of transparency and democratisation can lead to the collapse of the economy in 2008.




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