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Ep8. Go On A Hero’s Journey

12 Apr 2019

Ep 8. Go On A Hero’s Journey

For this episode, Edmond Yap speaks to Caryn Kong and Dr. Ewe from Acton Academy on letting children go on a hero’s journey. Everyone is a hero that can make the world a better place to live in using their own profound approaches. Being a facilitator in the academy, they uncover stories of a hero’s journey along with the idea and process of taking on an adventure.

Key Takeaways

It all begins with having the initiative to go for an adventure and leaving their comfort zone and face different trials, go through tormenting moment in order to undergo transformation. The two guides discuss with Edmond on what a hero’s journey is as well as how parents can help their children to start their own voyage such as instead of stepping in and doing it for them, it is better to let children to fall down and pick themselves up. Celebrating the efforts that children have put into, whether it is big or small, is necessary especially to develop a sense of appreciation and enjoyment.

Fun Fact

Before establishing EduNation, Edmond Yap was formerly a civil engineer. He asserts that seeing corruptions happen everywhere and getting fed up with it, he decided to branch into education in order to help children and people in need of learning and acquiring knowledge.




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