Ep7. Viking Garage – Connecting Travellers Through Motorbikes

19 Nov 2018

Ep 7. Viking Garage – Connecting Travellers Through Motorbikes

In this episode, Asia Kuzniacka the co-founder of Viking Garage speaks on their business model as well as future plans in Southeast Asia. Viking Garage is a platform for the motorcycle sharing economy, allowing users to rent any motorbike you want and wherever you want it from the Viking Garage community of trusted bike owners while providing a means of earning money for bike owners. Viking was founded in Bali and was then part of the Magic Global Accelerator Programme where they now seek local partners in their process to scale up their business.

Key Takeaways

Asia Kuzniacka, the Polish co-founder of Viking Garage is the other half of the business and oversees all the operations involved in Southeast Asia. As an avid motorcyclist herself, she shares her journey from being a motorcyclist to embracing her entrepreneurial instincts by founding the platform in order to grow the motorcycle sharing economy around the world. Among other topics, she discusses their growth and milestones so far prior to joining the Global Accelerator Programme as well as her vision for the future of her start-up.

Fun Fact

She initially thought of joining the corporate world and did so at Saatchi & Saatchi but then decided to create Viking Garage following her observations on the immense potential of it in an ever growing demand for a safe and reliable motorcycle sharing economy.





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