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Ep7. The Modern Day Shoemaker

28 Mar 2019

Ep 7. The Modern Day Shoemaker

In this episode of Insta Made, Serena C talks to the founder of a bespoke shoe brand founder, Hidayah Hassan who left her corporate job to pursue her dreams. Her brand, Cipela, is now an up and rising custom made shoemaker label that caters to the needs of fashion savvy ladies, brides and special occassions. With a physical store in Bangsar Shopping Centre as well as an active Instagram shop, Cipela and Hidayah are leaps and bounds away from your traditional haute couture shoe brands.

Key Takeaways

What makes Cipela so special, aside from its uniquely Bosnian name? Well, Hidayah Hassan is here to share with you how the brand came to be from its humble beginnings as a one-woman business to now housing its own designer team. In this Insta Made episode, she shares with Serena the secret behind Cipela’s success; from strategic creative collaborations to celebrity endorsements as a marketing gimmick to boost sales and brand recognition. Hidayah also divulges her Instagram marketing strategies, from optimum posting time to the importance of utilising the different natures of Insta Stories and Instagram posts when running an Instagram business!

Fun Fact

During a non-peak season, it can take up to 3 weeks to get your hands on a pair of handmade Cipela shoes!



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