Women in Blockchain,

Ep7. Silvia Barredo Herrero – NEM

30 Oct 2018

Ep 7. Silvia Barredo Herrero – NEM

Women In Blockchain is a podcast series covering on the ongoings of Women In Blockchain Summit 2018 by NEM Malaysia. From the organisers, speakers as well as notable women leaders, this podcast highlights the summit and to shed insight into the future of blockchain as well as female inclusivity.

Key Takeaways

As the Business Development & Events Coordinator member of the NEM, Sylvia Barredo Herrero is a key proponent of blockchain as well as female participation in it. In this podcast, she discusses how blockchain is an unchartered territory by which women can leave their mark should they be the pioneers in it. However, the percentage of women in the field is worrying low as of now, which is what the Women in Blockchain summit wants to rectify. Tune in to find out more on the support system that NEM and its event provides for women and blockchain as a whole.

Fun Fact

NEM provides training for all levels in the field of blockchain, starting from beginners to developers in their Glo Damansara, KL office.




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