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Ep7. Rosalia Gitau, BBI

10 Jan 2018

Ep 7. Rosalia Gitau – Founder of BBI

What It’s About
In this episode of the S.E.A Business Podcast, we take you on a journey into the wondrous, beautiful
world of Rosalita Gitau. The founder of BBI, Rosalita’s start up helps to bring 1 st world solutions to 3 rd
world problems. Her primary focus is on entering frontier markets and helping women. At her
previous company, Rosalita assisted the Rohingya refugees by utilising solar technology to electrify a
whole host of clinics to provide healthcare to the ailing population.

Key Takeaways
BBI comprises professionals from corporate, tech, finance, legal and international affairs industries.
The start-up began after they asked themselves what the world would look like if they applied their
diverse and collective skills, knowledge, and networks to some good use. Their in-
house humanitarian professionals pointed them in the direction of global crises occurring today from
Syria, to Nigeria to Myanmar and linked them up with on-the-ground actors so they could help in a
sustainable and impactful way. And the rest, they hope, is history.

Fun Fact
Rosalita utilised the technology from her previous company, Solevolt, to benefit the Rohingya
population that was in need of sustainable healthcare.





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