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Ep7. Recite App

22 Jun 2018

Ep 7. Recite App

In this episode of Startups to Scaleups, we talk to Mazlita Mat Hassan, the co-founder of Recite App, a smart application providing Quran recital validation service on mobile devices. Recitals by app users are submitted anonymously and corrected by a pool of credible Quran teachers. Recite App provides a flexible and cost effective way of mastering the Tajwid for users of all ages. From the first launch in 2017, Recite App has garnered 46,000 downloads and 13,000 shares from one Facebook post alone.Through Recite App, quided Quran recitals have become accessible and helpful for just about anyone, anywhere.

Key Takeaways

Mazlita breaks down the finer details of venturing into Digital Islamic business, such as legislation on Quran prints and grey areas in the local laws. Dr Siva and her discuss as well the regulatory sandbox initiative in Malaysia. Among the topics discussed is Recite App’s “One Metric that Matters”; their members who play the role of the “tawjeed teachers” and the challenge of providing sufficient and qualified tajweed teachers for an ever-growing demand on the app. Learn how Recite App is working to achieve their One Metric that matters and how to keep the highest level of quality within its One Metric.

Fun Fact

Recite App was chosen by MDEC to be in EXPAND, a special programme that took them to Indonesia for one week to learn the ins and outs of the local market for future expansion.




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