Ep7. Great Kuching – Zawan Kasim from KOBIS

05 Oct 2018

Ep 7. Great Kuching – Zawan Kasim from KOBIS

In this episode, we talk to Zawan Kasim from KOBIS, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) with a vision to become the driving force for Sarawak youth to embark development and enhance their growth through entrepreneurship. Hoping to sharpen the skills of innovation, entrepreneurship and career awareness among Sarawkian youths by maximizing their potential and strengths, KOBIS aims to leave positive impacts in the society through its youths.

Key Takeaways

Zawan shares some of the means at KOBIS to acknowledge and polish raw local talent such as internship positions to help build a better and brighter future for the young people. The invaluable work experience garnered through the internship programme will empower them to flourish and develop their career exponentially. It is through these hands-on positions that youths of Sarawak will grow to be a multi-talented workforce in the recent future.

Fun Fact

KOBIS offers a number of high-impact activities and programs to choose from. Find out more from: kobis.my




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