Ep7. Fourfang Leads Intelligent Self-Charging Drones

01 Jul 2019

Ep 7. Fourfang Leads Intelligent Self-Charging Drones

In this episode of MyDroneX, Dr Lee Shian from FourFang speaks to us about their efforts in building a revolutionary way to build and operate drones. FourFang specialises in fully-automated and independent drone system which do not require much human intervention.

Key Takeaways

As founder of FourFang, Dr Lee Shian was inspired to innovate the way drones operate from his PhD days where drones required frequent charging due to small battery capacities. Hence, he has put his efforts into disrupting the status quo by pioneering a fully-automated and self-maintaining drone in Malaysia.

Fun Fact

The drone is named Venus and the box for her centre of command is called Olympus!



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