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Ep7. Conteng by Ainaa

12 Apr 2019

Ep 7. Conteng by Ainaa

In this episode with 22 year-old freelance artist and graphic designer, Ainaa Farhanah, and her beloved mother, who is also her manager, Sheratul Samsuddin, we can learn more about Spinal Muscular Atrophy condition and how Ainaa copes with her health issues and career simultaneously with the aid of her mother and the positivity around her.

Key Takeaways

Even with such a rare and alarming health condition, Ainaa thrive her way to success. At first it was just for fun, from cute souvenirs using scraps and leftovers, Ainaa rebranded her designs for her final year project in college. Giving her brand the name ‘Conteng by Ainaa’, she made use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to market her designs, which includes tote and canvas bags, pencil case and more. She discloses that she has been working on embroidery as well as giving motivational speeches and talks regarding SMA. However, due to her health condition, her greatest challenge is trying to balance both her career and health. Her mother, Sheratul, shares her part of the story as being Ainaa’s mother and the manager of Conteng by Ainaa. Like most dedicated and loving mothers out there, Sheratul tries her best to keep her daughter in good health condition and make sure Ainaa does not overstress and overwork. After a painful experience of losing her eldest daughter to the same rare disease, Sheratul makes sure that this disease does not take her second daughter away from her as well. As a manager, she ensures everything is on set and suitable for her daughter. Although the orders are handled by Ainaa, her daughter still goes to her for guidance. Both mother and daughter believe that their business is not about profiting, but to be happy with what they are doing and try their best to be recognized by the public and make themselves visible.

Fun Fact

Ainaa is not ashamed of her disabilities. Instead, she hopes to have her own design studio, perhaps a one stop arts centre for people to learn arts and design, where she could also sell her products beside a mini self-owned café for youngsters to chill and lepak-lepak.




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