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Ep65. Elian Lockman, Ata Plus

05 Apr 2018

Ep 65. Elian Lockman founder of Equity Crowdfunding Platform Ata Plus

What It’s About
In this podcast, Dana Blouin sits down with ATA PLUS founder, Elaine Lockeman. ATA
PLUS is Malaysia’s first Online Equity Crowdfunding platform, and has established itself as
a proponent for the democratisation of wealth and financial inclusion in the ‘new economy’.
The company believes that matching capital with exciting businesses has far reaching
productive social and economic outcomes.

Key Takeaways
Though still fresh in Malaysia, equity crowdfunding is set to take the country by storm as
more and more Malaysian entrepreneurs turn to crowdfunding as a legitimate source of
finance for their nascent businesses. ATA PLUS is currently leading the charge to create
awareness for the potential of equity crowdfunding.

Fun Fact
ATA PLUS founder Elaine Lockeman was initially based with Petronas for many years
before her foray into the world of equity crowdfunding.

To find out more about Ata Plus check them out at: www.ata-plus.com




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