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Ep63. Dato Fadzli Shah Anuar, TeAM

04 Apr 2018

Ep 63. Dato Fadzli Shah Anuar, TeAM

What It’s About
In this episode, eFM’s Dana Blouin talks to Dato Fadzli about his organization, teAM, as well
as Malaysia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and its relationship to the Indonesian and Thai
ecosystem. teAM is an association created by Malaysian Technopreneurs to further the
interests of Technopreneurs and to assist in the development of the technology based industry
in Malaysia.

Key Takeaways
At just 30, Dato Fazli Shah Anuar became the youngest president that the Technopreneurs
Association of Malaysia (teAM) has ever fielded. TeAM has gone on to aid and facilitate
young Malaysian entrepreneurs with resources, knowledge, and networking.

Fun fact
As a graduate from the London Business School, Dato Fazli noted that his greatest challenge
was coming home to Malaysia and creating a conducive environment with which small
businesses could succeed and thrive.

More info about TeAM : team.net.my




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