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Ep61. Dr Elizabeth Lee, Sunway Education Group

30 Mar 2018

Ep 61. Dr Elizabeth Lee – Sunway Education Group

What It’s About
In this podcast, Dr Elizabeth Lee from Sunway Education Group regales eFM’s Dana Blouin
with tales from her early childhood, to her current position as a key coordinator within the
Sunway Education Group. As the very first university in Malaysia to have established a
twinning program with international universities, Dr Lee explains the origins of Sunway
University, and how their education programs are tailor made to give back to the local

Key Takeaways
Founded by Tan Sri Jeffrey Chiah, the Sunway Education Group has grown to be a by-word
for high quality education at an affordable price in Malaysia. The Sunway Education Group
was pioneers in creating twinning programs for Malaysian university students.

Fun Fact
Elizabeth Lee developed a profound understanding of the important of education when she
was a schoolteacher in England and realised the effects of the environments that some of her
students were growing up in.





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