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Ep6. Vidi

13 Jun 2018

Ep 6. Vidi (Formerly known as Touristly)

In this episode of Startups to Scaleups, we talk to the CEO and founder of Vidi, Aaron Sarma on how Vidi (formerly known as Touristly) aims to take tourism and technology to a whole new level. Vidi empowers its users to create their own amazing personalised itineraries and purchase the best deals for their trip.

Since this podcast was recorded, Touristly has rebranded to Vidi. The rebranding is in line with its vision to capture a larger segment of the global tours and activities space through visual discovery. The company has also recently launched a Beta of their new app, also called Vidi, which is available in both Android Play Store and iOS App store.

Key Takeaways

As with anything that is worth building, it takes time to build. Facebook took 15 years to grow before they listed and is now a household brand worldwide. Aaron touches on how there are a lot of misconceptions that milestones in a startup lifecycle happens fast but it is important to take a step back and try to appreciate the longer-term view when building a business.

Fun Fact

While relatively new, Vidi is a part of AirAsia’s ancillary service and only last year, AirAsia bought 50% of Vidi’s shares in a deal worth MYR 11.5 million (USD$2.9million).




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