Top 3 with Serena C,

Ep6. Top 3 Inspiring Malaysian Entrepreneurs

27 Dec 2018

Ep 6. Top 3 Homegrown Franchise Stories

This episode with Serena C brings you inspiring tales of a Malaysian trio of entrepreneurs who are behind the household brands in Malaysia; 99 Speedmart, Securiforce and Sapura Group of Companies! Tune in to rouse your inspiration in becoming an entrepreneur regardless of your circumstances with this podcast featuring the Top 3 Inspiring Malaysian Entrepreurs.

Key Takeaways

Lee Thiam Wah was struck with polio at 8 months old yet he overcame his disability and now owns a nationwide chain of the 99 SpeedMart convenient store spanning 1,000 outlets and 6,000 employees. Discover how he managed to leap into success in this podcast with Serena C.

Next, Serena introduces us to the Iron Lady of Malaysia, Datuk Maznah Hamid who became the first ever woman in Malaysia to lead a security company. Today, Securiforce is a well-known brand, trusted by many firms with more than 65 branches from Malaysia to Germany. If you are curious as to how the Iron Lady led the firm to success, listen as Serena C narrates her entrepreneurial journey.

The conglomerate then-known as Sapura Holdings was founded by Tan Sri Shamsuddin Abdul Kadir who hailed from a poor family and was robbed of his youth by World War II. Today, Sapura Group of Companies has grown into a technology-based conglomerate with global businesses in various sectors including the oil and gas services, and telecommunication infrastructure services. Find out more on how the humble entrepreneurship icon rose from his circumstances with Serena C.

Fun Fact

The number 99 in 99 Speedmart was chosen as a symbol of imperfection that still aims to offer their customers the best services and products they have at a competitive price.




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