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Ep6. The Luxury Goods Reseller

21 Feb 2019

Ep 6. The Luxury Goods Reseller

In this episode of Insta Made, Serena C talks to Glampot’s co-founder, Gabriena Lee. Glampot is the epitome of confluence between fashion, visual marketing and social media where Instagram posts are their main marketing tools to sell pre-loved luxury goods from a myriad of high street fashion houses. Based on the trend from Hong Kong of 2007 where reselling of luxury goods is a lucrative market, Glampot has now built a name for themselves in the 12 years of running the business with much success.

Key Takeaways

Gabriena shares how Glampot transitioned from being a purely physical retail store to expanding their business interest through Instagram as well as how other social media savvy entrepreneurs can do the same. Touching on the tips and tricks of increasing engagement as well as organic growth online, she also cautions of the limits and unseen challenges of successfully running a popular Instagram business page. In addition, Gabriena also discusses how to build a sense of loyalty among customers and followers for the best post-sale retention through strong business ethics of honesty and reliability to streamline offline and online business practices.

Fun Fact

Glampot’s first physical shop was founded in 2007 at USJ Taipan!



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