Growing Young Entrepreneurs,

Ep6. Stop Teaching, Start Guiding

28 Mar 2019

Ep 6. Stop Teaching, Start Guiding

This Growing Young Entrepreneurs episode presents us a new way of helping children to cultivate a curious mindset and learn to ask more questions. Caryn Kong and Dr. Ewe Chun Te from Acton Academy share their views on how we should stop teaching and start guiding children. They talk about the differences between teaching and guiding as well as getting children to reflect on problems and look at things in various perspectives.

Key Takeaways

The focus on self-directed learning is sprouting more and more each day and now traditional classroom based learning is deemed a one-way method with no sense of student empowerment and initiative. This episode includes information and suggestion on guiding children instead of teaching so that they can be more inquisitive and discover their own answers. They express that it is not about getting the answers correctly and feeding them knowledge, but to guide them through the process of critical thinking and attaining the answers through thorough readings and resources around them.

Fun fact

eFM’s Growing Young Entrepreneur podcast series’ host, Edmond Yap, had suffered a traumatic experience in class where a duster was thrown at him by a teacher just because he asked a question. He confessed that he rarely ever ask question in class anymore after the incident.




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