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Ep6. Restoring Independence and Reviving Dreams

07 Apr 2019

Ep 6. Restoring Independence and Reviving Dreams

For this episode, Rozella Marie speaks to Fariz Rani from JB Prosthetic and Rehab Supply on his journey even when he is wheelchair-bound and how he manages to establish his own business while building awareness on physical disabilities to the public. His story teaches us that we rise not only by lifting ourselves but by lifting others and that getting back on your two feet after a huge fall is the key to success.

Key Takeaways

Despite having physical difficulties after his motorcycle accident, he continue to inspire differently abled people and start his own business which includes manufacturing wheelchairs and disability equipment locally as well as providing consultation session for the special needs on how to manage and establish their own business and entrepreneurship. Before starting his business, he worked in a prosthetic and orthotic supply store. He realized that the people in his field has this mindset of just making profit out of selling the equipment and not to help the patients to enhance their daily lives. Instead of selling for the sake of profit, Fariz’s company seek to do something different than the rest. His business company’s motto is to restore independence and revive dreams so that the differently abled are able to do their work and go to school like a typical person. Fariz is also involve with campaigns and founded an NGO that aims to create awareness and financially support people with disabilities in terms of school tuition fees and transportation allowances.

Fun Fact

Instead of producing typical thermoplastic prosthetics, Fariz and his team worked on a forming the same product for the usual price with a different material, fibre lamination socket, which weighs lighter and easier for people to move around.





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