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Ep6. Michio Kaku, Futurist

09 Jan 2018

Ep 6. Dr. Michio Kaku – Futurist

What It’s About
“If you take an industry, any industry, write out all the points of supply and demand, and then
digitize it? that’s the future,” quips world-renowned physicist, Dr Michio Kaku. And he isn’t
wrong. In this episode, Dr Kaku immerses you into the world of digitisation, and how AI will
thrive for humanity as a whole. “Take the smartphone for example; it changed human
behaviour as a consequence. What is being developed in Asia can be applied around the
world. It can remove inefficiencies; it can have capitalism without the layers of unnecessary
things,” he states unapologetically. “There is a form of PERFECT capitalism.”

Key Takeaways
AI can process vast amounts of data that humans simply cannot. Data processing centres can
manage enormous amounts of data for ads, and other things, and AI can then scan this data
and spot irregularities and iffecencies, and change the entire playing field.

Fun Fact
Dr Kaku reminds us that in the long term, our creations could possibly turn on us. The tipping
point is self-awareness and though robots today have an intelligence level of a cockroach,
they will likely evolve. At that point they could be potentially dangerous.





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