Ep6. Heal Nutrition’s – fitness supplements is upping the ante

19 Oct 2018

Ep 6. Heal Nutrition’s – fitness supplements is upping the ante

In this episode, eFM talks to Heal Nutrition’s founder, Justin Chan, on how his fitness-oriented startup is changing the way people perceive protein supplements. Heal Nutrition aims to make protein supplements less intimidating and more customer-friendly, even for fitness beginners! Changing the taste of health supplements to be more natural and delicious is also a key factor behind the conception of Heal Nutrition.

Key Takeaways

Justin begins the podcast with anecdotes of his unorthodox career journey from a Finance graduate of London School of Economics to becoming a certified fitness trainer and how he realised there was a negative perception of fitness supplements such as protein drinks. Throughout the interview, he shares how he shaped his startup to be a disruptor to the existing products out there by competitors as well as his expansion plans in the next 6 months; to enter the Indonesian and Hong Kong markets.

Fun Fact

Heal Nutrition products comes in non-intimidating, cute packagings and includes a dairy-free vegan range!





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