Ep6. Great Kuching – Eju & Mia Thirst Milkshake

05 Oct 2018

Ep 6. Great Kuching – Eju & Mia Thirst Milkshake

In this episode, our host JD talks to Eju and Mia, partners from Thirst Smoothie & Juice Bar in Kuching, Malaysia. The duo runs a juice bar offering premium and healthy fruit-based milkshakes and smoothies.

Key Takeaways

Eju and Mia share with us their unique selling proposition (USP) which is the use of the freshest ingredients to provide only the best of juice and shakes for their customers. The secret behind the refreshing taste of Thirst’s milkshakes and smoothies is the use of fruit puree and syrup. While premium ingredients usually mean there is a hefty pricetag, Thirst Smoothie & Juice Bar strives to provide affordable pricing for all of its products.

Fun Fact

The co-founders are strictly against using powders in our beverages as to not compromise on quality!




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