Ep6. Facial Recognition Technology With Wysetime

19 Apr 2019

Ep 6. Facial Recognition Technology With Wysetime

In this episode of UNIMAKER 2018, Wysetime talks to us about their project on utilising facial recognition as a means of having a fast, secure and fuss-free identification system. Although using facial recognition has always been seen only in sci-fi movies, this team is determined to change the way identification takes place in offices and schools by using deep machine learning and a reliable, secure system.

Key Takeaways

Among the key highlights of this episode, the leader of Wysetime shares their business challenges in first mastering the deep machine learning theory that makes up the backbone of facial recognition technology and secondly to learn how to scale up their Minimum Viable Product to be a full-fledge technology that’s marketable in the future.

Fun Fact

The first airport in China to begin utilising facial recognition technology is the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport in 2018!



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