Women in Blockchain,

Ep6. Belinda Lim – The Good Block / Blockchain Projects Pte Ltd

19 Oct 2018

Ep 6. Belinda Lim – The Good Block / Blockchain Projects Pte Ltd

Women In Blockchain is a podcast series covering on the ongoings of Women In Blockchain Summit 2018 by NEM Malaysia. From the organisers, speakers as well as notable women leaders, this podcast highlights the summit and to shed insight into the future of blockchain as well as female inclusivity.

About This Episode

As the Founding Member of The Good Block and Co-Founder of Blockchain Projects Pte Ltd, Belinda Lim is your holistic community builder within the blockchain industry. In this podcast, she talks to us about numerous ways to utilise blockchain for today’s technology as well as the future. Citing examples such as how the United Nations uses blockchain to help refugees, her insider insights to the industry is not to be missed.

Fun Fact

For Belinda, her female idol is Sheryl Sandberg and she believes blockchain is the “rocket to follow in today’s world”.




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