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Ep55. Elaina and Norleen, Lyndora Cakes & Cookies

22 Mar 2018

Ep 55. Entrepreneur Sisters Elaina and Norleen Sukaimi Founders of Lyndora Cakes and Cookies

What It’s About
In this episode, Dana sits down with sisters Elaina and Norleen Sukaimi to discuss their
journey to entrepreneurs in the dessert industry. Elaina was previously a fashion designer and
Norleen a pilot, so how did they end up bootstrapping a bakery startup?

Key Takeaways
Lyndora Cakes mission is unwavering and incredibly simply: To satisfy their customers with
their delicious and delightful desserts spread.

Fun Fact
Both sisters come from very different professional backgrounds, but were able to set aside
their differences and work towards their mutual love of baking.

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