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Ep51. Egan Eswar, Cracko Art Group

13 Mar 2018

Ep 51. Egan Eswar – Cracko Art Group and the business of contemporary art

What It’s About
In this episode, Dana speaks with Egan Eswar from the Cracko Art Group in Kota Kinabalu
about the business and not business of being a contemporary artist and the challenges of
going from being a street artist to mainstream.

Key Takeaways
A decade ago, a guy nick named Cracko had had it with the stagnant progress of art in North
Borneo Sabah. With help and support from the local underground scene, he managed to
spread some seeds of ideas and creativity in hope that one day it will grow and become a
huge tree of creativity and artistic freedom.

Fun Fact
Cracko initiated a joint venture with Anddy R, Vivi and Aniq forming ARTPreciate, an art
movement with its sole purpose being charity and at the same time, educating the locals on
different style/genre/topic in art.

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