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Ep50. AJ Pyro, Borneo Tribal Squad

12 Mar 2018

Ep 50. AJ Pyro, Founder of Borneo Tribal Squad and Malaysian MMA Legend

What It’s About
In this episode, Dana speaks with AJ Pyro, the founder of one of Malaysia’s most prolific
MMA gyms, the Borneo Tribal Squad. They discuss how AJs passion for sports and fitness
shaped his career path, the economics of the fitness industry and training pro fighters.

Key Takeaways
Located in the Land below the Wind, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, The Borneo Tribal
Squad MMA & Fitness Factory promotes fitness and active living through its classes and
training programs specially designed for everyone – offering classes including Muay Thai,
Boxing, Wrestling, BJJ, MMA, Box Chix, Office Warriors, Body Fit, Self-Defense, Super
Kids  & Yoga! Perfectly situated on the South China Sea and near Mount Kinabalu, they
offer you the perfect location for both indoor and outdoor, including natural elevation,

Fun Fact
The Borneo Tribal Squad is Affiliated with American Top Team/ Q23
Academy under Professor Adam Kayoom.

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