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Ep5. Yogosha – Making IT a better world

18 Oct 2018

Ep 5. Yogosha – Making IT a better world

This week, we are speaking to Kevin Liagre and Jeremie Heduy, from Yogosha, delegates in the French Tech Tour ASEAN 2018.

Key Takeaways

With their Bug Bounties, clients could discover security flaws in less than 24 hours, even those who had just completed a security audit. Advantages of the Bug Bounty include ROI (i.e. only pay for proven and identified security vulnerabilities), continuous real-time interaction between researchers and clients, and benchmarking of service provides. Besides talking about their technological solution, they also share some insights on the future of cybersecurity.

Fun Fact

What happens if two researches find the same bug? In that case, only the first to report it would be paid, the second will only win “kudos”. This is the so-called “duplicate rule” in Bug Bounty.




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