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Ep5. Top 3 Homegrown Franchise Stories

20 Dec 2018

Ep 5. Top 3 Homegrown Franchise Stories

This episode with Serena C brings you the latest local scoop on Top 3 Homegrown Franchise Brands that every Malaysian should know: Nelson’s, Juice Works and Focus Point! From the buttery scent of warm corn to our first spectacles purchase, these brands are must-haves in every Malaysian mall. Serena shares with us how the owners first decided to franchise their business out as well as their entrepreneurship journey to date.

Key Takeaways

Everytime we are hit with the cravings for warm waffles with chocolate filling that melts in our mouths, we think of Nelson’s humble stand in almost every grocery store and mall. The brand, first founded in the 1980s has now branched out globally through franchising to more than 80 locations nationwide and nearly 1,000 outlets across 16 countries. Find out why its founder, Datuk Seri Nelson Kwok pivoted into the business and made waffles every Malaysian’s comfort food.

In the days before Instagram and healthy living, there was a dire need for healthy juice drinks companies yet skeptics were abound. In came Juice Works in December 2004 with their first branch in The Curve. Today, the franchise has 30 outlets in Malaysia and is setting its eyes on expanding internationally. Follow Serena as she narrates the founders’ decision to startup back in the early 2000s.

While healthcare has always been an expensive business to set up individually, Focus Point has carved a spot of its own in the niche field of optometry in Malaysia. It is now a household brand with presence in over 75 different locations. Listen on as your host, Serena narrates the journey of how a Muar family business rose through the ranks and was awarded the prestigious “Franchise of The Year” for 2009.

Fun Fact

Malaysia is fertile ground for the franchising business as it rises to be ASEAN’s largest franchise market with growth of 15% per annum!





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