True Complexion,

Ep5. The Good Guy’s Solution

28 Mar 2019

Ep 5. The Good Guy’s Solution

In this episode of True Complexion, Rozella Marie speaks to Charles Chandran, founder of the Good Guy’s Solution. Charles shares his story of dealing with his health conditions and juggling with running his own business at the same time, as well as how he cope with his feelings and challenges throughout his great voyage. He also reveals the principles of his company, the Good Guy’s Solution and his wife’s school catering business.

Key Takeaways

With 20 years of practice in the business and sales management field, this successful young man shares his experience working as a Sales Executive while being diagnosed with a combination of Plaque and Arthritis psoriasis, where people tries to avoid having physical contact with him, such as hand shake. Nonetheless, this situation did not stop him from establishing his own company, the Good Guy’s Solution, six years ago. This company aims to do repair and services for Apple products which happens to be in demand in this era. Charles divulges that he travels to Jakarta frequently and recently registered a catering company under his wife’s name. Considering his love for cooking is fervent, he decides to help his wife with her school catering business, earning the ‘school chef’ title.

Fun Fact

Charles met his wife on WeChat, a messaging and social media application.




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