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Ep5. The Celebrity Entrepreneur Duo

23 Jan 2019

Ep 5. The Celebrity Entrepreneur Duo

In this episode of Insta Made, we discover a new up and coming local beauty brand, SophiaShals with our host, Serena C. Serena speaks to the two young female celebrity entrepreneurs behind the brand: Shalma Ainaa and Sophia Liana. Joining together their first names to coin the brand “SophiaShals” as well as their heads to run a business together, the two discuss their entrepreneurial journey so far as well as the challenges of running an Instagram-based business.

Key Takeaways

Sophia and Shalma shares the origin story of their brand as well as first product, the Nori Soothing Plus SophiaShals Aloe Vera and how they pursued a collaboration with a fellow beauty brand: Nori from Nori Malaysia Sdn Bhd. In addition to that, they share the founding belief behind their brand; to embrace natural beauty and go against the media’s endless push of unrealistic beauty standards besides producing a product that can be used by all regardless of gender and age. As an business that utilises Instagram as a promotional tool, they also the challenges in translating online following into sales as well as the difficulty of managing multiple social media accounts at the same time. Tune in to find out how they solve these challenges and more, only on eFM.

Fun Fact

SophiaShals is also available on the local TV shopping channel Astro GoShop!


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