Ep5. MyEdTech Organisers

30 Aug 2018

Ep 5. MyEdTech Organisers

With the exponential advancement in technology and the steep learning curve of the actual working world, there has always been a gap between tertiary education and the industrial standards. Today, the widening gap between the two is a valid cause of worry and Krenovator identified the problem before deciding to organise MyEdTech as a platform to bridge the divergence between. MyEdTech is an event involving the main stakeholders in both the technological industry as well as students and their institutions with the sole aim of empowering all parties to further enhance the possibilities between the education sector and the industry.

Key Takeaways

Fadillah Iskandar, the COO of Krenovator shares the reasons which has inspired what happened behind the founding of Krenovator and the MyEdTech event. She also discusses additional steps to be taken to lessen the gap between knowledge acquired from tertiary education and the working life waiting ahead for fresh graduates.

Fun Fact

Krenovator was founded in 2017 and has produced a book: The IOT EXP Book.




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