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Ep5. Maya’s Cookies

08 May 2018

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With an emphasis on nascent businesses, “The Set Lunch” brings you a range of insightful interviews from owners of small food trucks, food and technology to managers of gargantuan F&B franchises.

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Ep 5. Maya’s Cookies

In this episode, Razif Hashim sits down with Maya Madsen to discuss her flourishing vegan cookie business and how the support from her friends and family drove her to create a brand of her own. Frustrated with the lack of options for vegans like herself whose only desire was to have old fashioned crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside chocolate chip cookie in stores, Maya began making them herself. Over the years she began perfecting her vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe for her children and before long, Maya’s Cookies were born. Using only the finest organic, premium whole food ingredients, these cookies are made in small batches and mixed by hand for a genuine homemade taste.

Key Takeaways

Maya’s business began after a conversation she had had with her mother, and is made of the highest quality plant based ingredients. No eggs, no dairy, and no animal products are used. Since then, her cookies have gone on to win the San Diego Best Vegan Baked Goods Award in 2017.

Fun Fact

Maya’s recipes for her award winning cookies were actually recipes that were passed down to her from her mother.




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