Ep5. SmartPeep – a medtech startup incorporating

19 Oct 2018

Ep 5. SmartPeep – a medtech startup incorporating

In this episode, we learn more about how AI can help accelerate medical technology advancements and complement human care in hospitals as well as nursing homes through SmartPeep. SmartPeep is a real time video monitoring platform intended for the healthcare sector by monitoring situations where patients are likely to be in the danger of falling or getting into accidents through AI. eFM speaks to Toh Yin Wei, the co-founder of SmartPeep to learn more about her start-up as well as their experience as part of MaGIC GAP 2018.

Key Takeaways

As co-founder of a medtech start-up, Yin Wei talks to us about the issues arising from both the medical sector as well as privacy concerns when we incorporate AI into a real-time monitoring platform. She also divulges how her team of 15 personnel built a database worth a year’s monitoring in order to ensure the highest accuracy from the AI in the system. As her medtech start-up grows, Yin Wei shares her vision for SmartPeep in the next three years as well as what she seeks for both her startup and from the MaGIC GAP 2018 programme.

Fun Fact

Currently, SmartPeep is in place and being utilised in Bagan Specialist Centre in Penang!





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