Women in Blockchain,

Ep5. Magda Chelley – Woman in Cyber / Responsible Cyber Pte Ltd

19 Oct 2018

Ep 5. Magda Chelley – Woman in Cyber / Responsible Cyber Pte Ltd

Women In Blockchain is a podcast series covering on the ongoings of Women In Blockchain Summit 2018 by NEM Malaysia. From the organisers, speakers as well as notable women leaders, this podcast highlights the summit and to shed insight into the future of blockchain as well as female inclusivity.

About This Episode

Based in Singapore and leading Responsible Cyber Pte Ltd as Managing Director, Magda Chelley identifies as a cyber feminist and advocates both tighter cybersecurity as well as inclusivity of women in tech. In this episode, she shares her day-to-day routine in the industry and how she began dabbling with cybersecurity starting from her humble beginnings as an amateur hacker as a teenager. Sharing her insights on the future of cybersecurity and how to best protect ourselves online, Magda’s insight on visionary approach to tech is not to be missed.

Fun Fact

Magda once practiced hacking by hacking her own Hotmail email account to learn more on the system’s flaws when she was younger.




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