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Ep5. Luis Cardozo, Lazarus

08 Jan 2018

Ep 5. Luis Cardozo – Founder Lazarus

What It’s About
In this episode, eFM speaks to Luis Cardozo, founder of Lazarus, a prosthetics startup that
builds custom carbon fibre prosthetics for handicapped individuals. Luis’ story is captivating
yet enlightening. After conflict in his home country of Venezuela had spiralled out of control,
Luis moved to nearby Chile where he worked as a restaurant waiter for a brief period of time.
Having gotten word that Chile had recently implemented a new startup accelerator program,
he joined Startup Chile as a means to propel his business idea forwards. He began by making
a public call to recruit 25 participants to receive a free prosthesis. Over just a few days,
hundreds of participants began flooding in and before he knew it, Luis had a revolutionary
new product on his limbs hands.
Key Takeaways
Luis noticed the tremendous number disabled Chileans suffering, and some who couldn’t
afford anything. Others had been waiting for years for a subsidised one and others that had
prostheses noticed that they had not been effective. He and his team created a customized
carbon fiber solution that overcomes most side-effects that these people had.
Fun Fact
Luis now has over 10,000 people on his waiting list, each destined to receive his carbon fibre




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