Ep5. Average Drone – From Drone Enthusiast to Drone Innovator

12 Jun 2019

Ep 5. Average Drone – From Drone Enthusiast to Drone Innovator

In this episode, eFM speaks to one of the pioneering companies in the Malaysian DroneTech space: Average Drone. Hamdi Hamdan from Average Drone shares his journey from being an avid drone enthusiast to pioneering a new innovation within the industry: VTOL.

Key Takeaways

Hamdi speaks about the overview of the local drone scene, from the early days before mass adoption when each drone would cost up to RM200,000 to the current possibilities that DroneTech can realize. He also describes the differences between military-grade drones with stringent specifications in its built and other drones that his company builds for hobbyists. As an entrepreneur within a niche industry, he shares Average Drone’s current position of being at the verge of drone commercialization by their company.

Fun Fact

Average Drone is the first Malaysian company to utilize Vertical Take Off Landing (VTOL) which takes up very little space for takeoff and landing!



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